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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Critique - Bouncing Balls (Joey)

Joey sent in his bouncing balls (more to come), take a look:

Heavy Ball

- Looks nice and heavy. The ball could roll ever so slightly to the left or right, so it's not stuck in the middle. On frame 7 I would lover the ball a tiny bit. If you look at the spacing, the amount of space the ball travels from frame 6 to 7 compared to to 7 to 8 shows that it is not an even progression. You can check your spacing by using a dry erase marker on your screen, but more about that later.

Bouncing Ball

- Good bounce! The ball should continue moving screen right for a bit longer. It moves til frame 35 then pretty much stops and stays the same at frame 36. It even looks like it's moving a tiny bit backwards on frame 37. A good example of a smooth ending is the next clip (medium Ball).

Medium Ball

- Nice! The only thing that I think needs to get addressed is around frame 50. There seems to be an acceleration. I'm being very picky here, I know. :-) Take the dry erase marker and put a spot in the middle of your ball for every frame, you'll see if your spacing is even or if it shows sudden jumps.

Good work!

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