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Friday, February 15, 2008

Carlos Baena's website

Thanks to a tip and comment by David Bernal I checked out Carlos Baena's website and what a well of information, holy moly! He's updated the site and added soooo many goodies, fantastic!

Drop whatever you're doing and go through each page!

The Home page will give you general info on what he's working on and who he is.

The Animation Page is divided into:

Feature Animation Work - with quicktime clips of his work
Personal Animation Work
Misc Animation Work - his cool Watto test is on there!

There is also a fantastic Resource section:

First, Animation Material. It's the same link as I have on the right side under my resource section, so I can't say if he added stuff, but even if he hasn't, there is so much good stuff on it, you HAVE to check it out.

Then his Book Recommendations. Go start digging through those.

Then the Tips & Tricks section. There's a section about "Thought Process" and an awesome one about "Eyebrows". Again, take a moment and go through those pages. Thanks again David!

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