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Monday, February 4, 2008

Critique - Balls

You named the clip "beach ball" but the balls feels a bit too heavy for a beach ball. If you'd call it a "medium" ball, I'd say fix the beginning of how the ball enters (it falls down straight but then bounces to the right - you need to have the ball on an arc the moment it enters frame) and then you're done.
But if you're going for a beach ball then you need to slow down the bounces a lot. Your timing for a medium is okay, so you could get away with just scaling the keys. ;)

The "light" ball looks good, there are only a few tweaks. I would add one more frame at x41 to x42. The spacing is good but one frame before impact there is a sudden increase in speed, your spacing gets too big. Same with the up bounce on x42 to 43 and the down on x54 to x55 (the up after that is fine).
Once the ball hits the wall you have one frame of compression which could work, but right now the compression from x62 to 63 is pretty small, then the ball speeds away from the wall at x64. I'd take that one frame of the compression and use it as a way to ease into the bounce away.
Check your curve on x69, the ball looses its momentum for a frame and doesn't travel enough screen left. If you step frame through it you'll notice a weird little jiggle. Use the dry erase marker at each frame and track your ball, you'll see the uneven spot of your arc. Overall I would lessen the amount of distance the ball travels after the wall hit. I think it bounces too far. Also, add another little bounce after x82 (at your current animation, once you lessen the distance it won't be at this frame anymore of course). Right now it bounces and then suddenly sticks to the floor. I like how it bounces off the wall. Once you changed the distance though it might not reach the wall or not hit it as hard, so that little bounce might get a lot smaller or it might even not be necessary.

The heavy one is too light, the bounces are too big. I like how you added the wall though, but once you'll adjust the bounce, it won't travel as far screen right. I would look at the first clip on this page for reference:

That ball really feels like a bowling ball. Try to get the weight looking like that.

Keep going!

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