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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Critique - Walk

Very cute!

Two things that struck me first were here arms (frontview), how they shoot out seems a bit too poppy, especially the screen right one from x2 to x4. It looks more like she's pushing people away. The sideview looks good, so I would reduce the outside pushing or give her more time for the swing, don't do it over 2 or 3 frames.
The other thing is her head. But in the front and sideview it feels to poppy, there are a lot of abrupt movements which gives her a bobble head feel. Look at x4 (sideview) how the head suddenly goes up til x6, then from x8 to 10 it suddenly goes down. Reduce the sudden rotation and give the overall body up translation two more frames to easy into the highest point, that will also get rid of the sudden stop and pop feel.
The legs feel good, I would just get rid of the leg pop from x9 (bent) to x10 (straight) to x11 (bent again). Same with the other leg.
If your rig allows it, take her eye aim controller and pull it away from her, so that she looks at a steady point. Right now as the head rotates her eye direction is also changing.

Nice work!

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