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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Critique - GI Walk

Much better! There is some stuff in the feet:
Let's start with his right one. From x1 to 3, as the foot roll happens, you should lower the toes (they are always curled up a bit over the ground - should have told you that before, sorry), just like you have it on x4. On x5 keep the toes down (straight flat boot), even x6 looks like it's a bit up. This could just be me, but in the interest of having nice arcs, what about (looking at the front view) when the foot goes up, having a little path/arc towards the other leg, so looking at the front view, going screen right a bit (not by much, but giving it a little arc, not just a straight up). The foot stomp feels weird when I step frame through it (then why do you???), only because there is big spacing from x12 to x13, but then small to x14. Well, the ground is there, the foot can't go lower... you could say, which is true. What I would do though is on x14 have the foot almost flat on the ground. If that's too much, too blocky, then for sure on x15. But you have the foot up till then and down only on x16. That makes the stomp too soft.
Same goes for the other foot. On x2 the foot is still rotated up, bring it down flat on the ground. And the same goes for his toes during the lift off the ground. On x17 keep the toes down, which you have up until x20 at least.
Now front view: I feel some stickiness as the foot goes up and reaches the top part. There's that big move up to x21, then smaller on x22, but then on x23 the foot is at the same height. So either bring up the leg a bit more or rotate the foot up, but either way, visually there should be a continuation of the upward arc. It's only for one frame, but it gives it a sticky feel.
This note is minor, maybe not necessary at all (might take the force out of the gesture), but try (haha!) this: follow the tip of the gun in the front view and draw a dot with a dry erase marker. There's a big downward move to x4, but then a little to the left and up on x5. Instead of up, can you have the tip be a bit lower than on x4 and ease more into that new upward arc? Might just be me. It works, but as go through it over and over looping, I get the feeling that it should come to such a harsh end and upwards curve.
You might also want to clench the fingers during that part, showing a firmer grip to end that downward thrust and bringing the gun up. That would be a nice little detail (maybe curl up the thumb too).
Other than it looks very cool!

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