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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bouncing Ball Examples

Here are some links to examples that I found. They range from simple to complex and should give you an idea of how far you can go with this assignment.

Lost Pencil (great examples)

Martin K (take a look at all the examples,
there are multiple videos from top to bottom)

Cameron Miyasaki (scroll all the way down,
click on "download quicktime movie" and
make sure you allow pop ups to open
- this one is a great example for bouncing balls
with lots of character and appeal and a little story

Juan Zubiaga (bounce off wall)

Ninjadodo (first few clips are bouncing balls)

Unknown (2 balls)

Same unknow (balls with obstacles)

Dave Logan (simple bounce)

Dave Logan (bounce off wall)

Dave Johnson (ball w/ character)

Tomislav (simple bounce)

Oliver Scott (Animation Mentor Reel, it's quite long,
but has some good bouncing balls in it)



That's it! Have fun!


Joey (Doe H) said...

THat's great~! Thank you~

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Your welcome, I'm glad it's helping. Any suggestions or questions, just let me know.

shiva kumar said...

hey...here's a bouncing balls animation i did...


Jean-Denis Haas said...

Looking good Shiva. There a few things that stick out:

The middle ball on top is the heavy one, but it falls down very quickly. Right now it looks like it's being sucked down, there should be a gentler progression. Also, since it's SO heavy, it would roll around the floor the way you have it now.
The light ball that comes from the left is good up until it hits the wall, it seems to accelerate after the hit, where is that energy coming from? The energy should gradually go down.

Nice render tough, the presentation is cool.

shiva kumar said...

Thanks for the comments...i have the animation in layers...so it's quite easy to change...i'll do that...thanks again