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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spungella goes live!

After a recent run-in with legal complications concerning my sites (not this one... yet), I thought about the look and presentation of this academyanimation blog. Since I never got the official ok to use that name (not that it is AcademyofArtUniversity.blogspot or something), nor images, etc. plus given my rants every now and then, which are purely my thoughts and not the ones of my employers, but especially the fact that this has grown beyond pure AAU material for my students, I decided to change the look and feel (and name) into something more individual. Another reason was also the awesome feedback I got regarding the layout and what you guys would like.

It's time then to redirect you to: SPUNGELLA.

So hopefully Spungella will present itself as more streamlined, accessible and efficient as this current blog. Of course I would really appreciate any further feedback. A few major posts have been switched over already and I will continue to migrate the more important posts. Trailer notices, posters, things like that will stay here, so think of academyanimation as an archive for these type of posts.

That's it for now!


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