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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Example for individual syllabus

Jason sent me an outline of what he would like to do this semester. It's nicely structured and focused. So when you think about your own schedule, something like that would be great because it has clear deadlines:

Week 1-2:

Weight Animation
Norman's "Box Maunuver" with a critique after week 1
and the completed polished animation due on week 2.

Week 3-4:

Action Exercise
Some sort of involved action (sports / rock climbing)

Week 5-6:

Acting Exercise
An animation conveying 2 different emotions and a trigger
that causes the change.

Week 7-10:

Voice Acting & Acting
Lines of Dialogue taken from a film/animation to be redone
with a 'Norman cast' of characters involving both lip-syncing and

Week 11-15:
I intend the final to be a project involving all the
aspects of what we had talked about. Physics, acting, voice
acting, and character interaction.

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