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Sunday, January 28, 2007

frameCounter script

You need a frame counter in your playblasts for critique. It's a must have and needs to be clearly visible in your movies.

Here's the script:

/* This file downloaded from Highend3d.com
'' Highend3d.com File Information:
'' Script Name: frameCounter v1.0
'' Author: Patrick McNabb
'' Last Updated: December 31, 2002
'' Update/Change this file at:
'' http://www.highend3d.com/maya/mel/?section=interface#2079
'' Please do not alter any information above this line
'' it is generated dynamically by Highend3d.com and will
'' be changed automatically on any updates.

//stick this file in your My Documents/maya/4.0/scripts directory and rename it to: userSetup.mel
//it'll give you a framecounter display menu item
//if you already have a userSetup.mel file add this stuff to it:

-section 8
-block 0
-blockSize "medium"
-dfs "large"
-command "currentTime -q"

// Adds menu items to control the framecounter - it'll be under display-headsupdisplay

global string $gHeadsUpDisplayMenu;

-parent $gHeadsUpDisplayMenu
-checkBox true
-label "Frame Counter"
-command "headsUpDisplay -e -vis #1 HUDFrameCount"
-annotation "Frame Counter: Toggle the display of frame counter";


shiva said...

hey...the link doesn't work

Jean-Denis Haas said...

You need to right click and save as...

shiva said...

ya..it saves a file "framecounter.mel"...but the content of the file is not a mel script...instead it is a html code which says "the page is not available"

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Works for me... hmmm...

I zipped it and put the script up within the post. If that doesn't do it either, let me know. Sorry for the hassle.