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Monday, February 12, 2007

Class Update

Hey boys and girls,

I wanted to apologize to those students who had to wait so long for the critique. I need to be more consistent with the time I allocate to each student. We are a big class, so unfortunately time is precious and gets used up very quickly. I will try to keep it to 5min each in order to make sure that everybody can go home at 10pm. Once I'm done with everybody I can go back to those students who need more help.

For that to work I need you guys to have quicktimes ready for critique, but more importantly you need actual work to show. When it's your turn and I hear that you had problems with your shot, then I'm wondering why you didn't email me once you had those problems during the week. Unless you have those problems Sunday night, you shouldn't be waiting til next class. The moment you are stuck, email me.

For those students who didn't make it today, please email me your work so you don't fall behind schedule.

Speaking of schedule. Please have character balls with tails ready for next week if you didn't today. If you are using your own schedule or are ahead of schedule, show me your latest character assignment of blocking of the flower sack (choose one clear emotion).
Please bring your latest and greatest of each assignment, because next week I need to grade all of you in terms of your progress.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate and email me.


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