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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Critique - Ball w/ character & tail (Joey)

Direct Link: Joey's Ball w/ Tail

A quick thing about the newest clip (looking good btw!). When the ball lands after every hop, you have it on the ground for 2 frames or so, but what I would do is continue the tail motion. So when the ball lands on frame 26 for instance, the tail stays the same on frame 27 and slowly moves on frame 28. With the tail and ball staying the same, it looks like a pause whenever the ball hits the ground. To make it more fluid I would continue the tail motion throughout the whole thing. So the moment the ball hits the ground, the momentum of the tail would have it go down on the next frame, giving it more overlap and follow through.

As a whole, the tail looks a bit like a fish tail. It's not wrong, but it would be nice to see a more fluid movement every now and then, and by that I mean something more snaky, where the tail really follows the path of action.

Here are examples of what I mean:

www.cartoonsolutions.com: Follow-Through-Animation-Video-Tutorialball_tail



as well as:

www.lostpencil.com: overlapping_tail.mov


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