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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Critique - Bouncing Ball and Tail (Marie)

Alright, nice work! Very cool!

Let's start with...

Big Small Ball:

- Very good, nice touch with the stripe on the ball, the left little ball bounces with the big one hitting the floor, cool! The heavy ball is good, the right one is good too. One little thing is how far screen right the ball is bouncing after it hits the big one. Basically from frame 49 to 61, because after 62 is slows down again. So just look at your curve, there might be a sharper dip suddenly during those frames. But you got it otherwise. You can fix it if you want to, or if you want to concentrate on the tail ball that's fine too.

Heavy Bouncing Ball:

- If you label it Heavy, then you'd have to adjust the bounces at bit. Heavy is more what you had in the "Big Small Ball" clip. Apart from that, there is some spacing issue on frame 13 and on. The spacing from 12 to 13 is a bit big. It looks like the ball is being sucked down, not falling down due to gravity. So, the ball is a bit too light for "heavy", and the bounces get very quick after frame 12.

Light Balloon:

- FINAL! Nice job!

Medium Bouncing Ball:



- Good start. Two things: One, my first impression was that the little guy is happily joining his big friend, but the big guy is sad. The little guy then gets closer to comfort him. Is that it? The story didn't jump out immediatly, so I think it could be a bit clearer. Like making the big ball sigh.
The other thing is the tail. Right now it looks like a fish tail flapping. If this is your choice, then okay. I can show you tomorrow a different approach to tails. You can check out Simon's ball bounce at www.simonchristen.com for example.

1 comment:

Marie said...

Hi Jean-Denis,
Thank you so much for your comments.

Big Samll Ball:
Wow...yes, there is a sharper dip. I'll fix the curve.

Heavy Bouncing Ball:
Oh~I see. I will try to make it heavier.

Yes, that is. I will try to make the big ball sigh. Thank you very much for your advice and the example of Simon's ball and tail. I hope my tail could be smooth as his. cc :) Thank you again.