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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Critique - Bouncing Balls (Jenna)

Heavy Ball:

- The physics are pretty good, but the ball doesn't look heavy. Imagine a bowling ball falling down, it wouldn't bounce that many times.
As for the animation (if we pretend another weight class), be carefull with your spacing. It's pretty even at the beginning, but from frame 39 to frame 40 the ball suddenly drops very far down. I would add another tiny bounce after frame 87.

Medium Ball:

- This one looks great, I like the added squash and stretch! Final!
Except one TINY detail. It looks like you added geometry to the floor. Right now it looks like separate pieces, so if a ball rolls over that, it wouldn't roll smoothly. Hope that makes sense.

Light Ball:

- Looks good too! The only thing I would tweak the last bounces after frame 125, they seem a bit fast.

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