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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Critique - Bouncing Balls (Joey)

Here's another round of critiques:

Medium Ball:

- Great, done! FINAL

Light Ball:

- Looks good, but I would make the last too bounces faster.
For instance for the last bounce you can take one frame out
during the up, and one frame during the down.

Heavy Ball:

- This one is not quite working. The first bounce needs to be higher
and not as fast. The spacing til frame 6 is pretty even, but then
it gets suddenly a lot bigger. Take your dry erase marker and
draw a line at the top or bottom of the ball, for every frame.
That way you can see how even it is.

Little and Big one:

- Great! I like the little squash in it.
There is just a tiny adjustment in spacing
when the little one bounces off the big one.
The ball moves evenly screen right until frame 27,
from then on til frame 30 the spacing gets smaller.
It should still be the same and hit the ball at
frame 29, try that.

Nice and quick fixes, good job!

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