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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Critique - Character Ball (Joey)

I fixed some small things mentioned in the class.
At the end, the box is bending and it will open it's mouth which is on the top & suck up the ball with a tongue which is very sticky like frog's. How about it?
I twisted the box when it looks up and gets angry.

Hahaha, nice!!

The ball:

- at frame 160, when he gets scared, I think you could shave off a few frames in order to make it snappier. I cut out 4 frames on the anticipation and two out of the scared-in-the-air part and it makes it a bit more frantic.

- the eyeball: it still moves a bit slow for me. With the slowing out at 156 as it looks up it takes about 7 frames for the whole move, cut that in half. An eyeball will take one or two frames, little eyedarts, most of the time. One frame movements happen in a more realistic approach for subtle detail stuff, but usually 2 frames are good, with one or two frames at the end to slow it down.
On frame 193 the eye slowly moves with the ball, I would make that move faster with two frames, make it sharper. I think the "monster" is a bit upset that the ball is on him/her, so the eye movements would be faster, more alert. At the end of 212 it looks like it takes 5 frames for the eye to move. So in general, speed things up like you have it at the very end. But the end needs some tiny spacing changes. On 227 the eye is up, then goes down on til 229. The spacing is pretty even though, I would make it snappier. So have it up on 227, the go down a tiny bit on 228 then end up where you are on 229.
I like how the head goes back on 241! I can't wait to see the ending, sounds great.

Awesome work!!

Direct Link to movies:

- Joey's Character Ball

- suggestion for "scared" part

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