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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Critique - Walk Cycle (Erik)

Front View - Side View

Your walk looks a lot better, nice job. Right now what sticks out is how long it takes for him to put his foot down. You extend his leg, but then it takes about 3 frames to plant his foot on the ground. It makes his walk very soft. His arms are also swinging pretty big. But you know, that could all be part of his character. In terms of animation, I have two things for you to correct:

First, in the front view. his head wobbles from left to right too much, it feels too stiff (from frame 17 to frame 19 going screen right).

The other thing, and really visible in the front view, are his hips. Take for instance his screen right hip, from frame 6 on. You are rotating the hip up at frame 8 already (the right side goes up). But the hip should be down until frame 16 or 17, because as you put your foot down and take a step, that's when you put your weight on that leg, and that causes the hip to go up.

Once you make the feet hit the ground harder it will help you with the leg/knee popping. Right now, looking at the side view, look at his screen left knee at frame 8 to 9, it goes forward, but then it goes immediately backwards, till frame 12, and stops again. That at speed will make it look like a pop, not super fast pop, but just too fast, especially the movement back.


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