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Thursday, February 1, 2007


During the first class I talked about the process of blocking out a shot. I usually set keys on all the major controls for every pose. I do this for the key poses and the important inbetweens. Then I adjust the position of those keys within the timeline in order to find the right timing of the animation. A shift+left click in the timeline (timeslider) will highlight the frame you are on, letting you move the key around. Or in other words:

To move and scale a range of animation in the Time Slider:

Shift-click and drag along the Time Slider to select a range of time.

The selected time range is shown in red, with start and end frames of the selection shown in white numbers at the ends of the selection block.
Click and drag the black arrows at either end of the selected range to scale the keys in that range along the Time Slider.
Click and drag on the black double arrows at the center of the selection to move the keys in that range along the Time Slider.

see more of those notes at this page

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