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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Walk Cycle - Tutorial

For those of you who want to do a walk cycle, here are some helpful sites:

Simply Maya - just register and you can download the movies



Anatomy of a Walk

The important thing about cycles is the seamless loop. Make sure that your first and last frame have the same keys, the same poses (in Maya: left-click on your key in the timeline, then middle-click and hold the mouse button, move to the end of your shot (or wherever you need in other shots), let go of the mouse button and set a key (through whatever hotkey you have), this will immediatly copy your keys from one frame to the one you choose.

Having the first and last frame be the same helps you blend the loop.

But if you play your movie now, you will notice a short pause when it loops, that's because you have a frame twice. Just cut off one frame by adjusting your timeline slider and do the playblast again.

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