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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Animation Critique - Walkcycle (Curran)

Direct Link: Curran's Walk


some more notes on the walk.

Right now he looks off balance leaning screen right (from the front view). He could just always walk in a circle since he's leaning sideways. So to be honest, I don't know if you can get away with that. It's hard to know because the camera is always in front of him.
When I act this out I start falling over when trying to walk forward in a straight line. That's why I tend towards you either fixing his root and move it so that the center of gravity is correct, or incorporate that direction change into your walk. So that after a few steps he's traveled screen left and then comes back screen right to start over.

Other than that I would accentuate his left him during the step. It looks like they are swinging pretty much the same during both steps, but the steps are different. One is a real one, the other is a harder hit.

With that hard hit I would show the effect in the head a bit more. You have a harder swing on his head in the front view, but I feel that you could push the up and down (side view) a bit more.

And as we said, you could push the arms a bit more.

Looking sweet though, nice model! You guys did a great job with him.

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