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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Animation Critique - Walkcycle (Jenna)

Direct Link: Jenna's Walk

Looking great! My first impression is that he is a bit swingy. Mainly his arms. Right now he really swings his arms, as opposed to the arms going along while you walk. To me the forward position is a bit too far, unless you'll give him a reason to swing his arms like that.
The hip movement is broad, but I like it, nice and smooth, yet a distinct subtle hit during the weight shift.
It looks like you are extending his fingers on the swing back? That might add to the swinginess of his arms. I'd tone that done.
The thing that needs more polish are his knees. The front view is not that bad, but the sideview reveals a lot of popping. Look at the knee "balls" and track your spacing, you'll see the pops. For instance from frame 3 to 4, his right leg (screen right at this point), doesn't move that much (looking at his knee ball/thigh), then from 4 to 5 a lot, the less and less til 10, from 10 to 11 suddenly more, then same til almost nothing up until 15, then to 16 another pop. Same thing for the other leg.

Good stuff!

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