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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Critique - Ball & Walkcycle (Marie)

Direct Link: Marie's Walk and Ball

Hey Marie,

the ball looks great, call this one done! Nice work!

The Walk:

Alright, looking good. I would say the mechanics are there, only a few minor things. The hands rotate a bit too much back and forth. The rotation back as the arm swings back seems to early (side view btw.). If you look at frame 3, his left hand should be like at frame 25. As the arm swings forward the hand drags and has a backwards rotation.
His arms rotate a bit too much forward, like at frame 19. If he'd be mad, or walking fast, then ok, but the arms don't swing back as much and slow down midway during the swing back, which makes the forward swing stand out even more.
His legs need some love. It looks like the feet slow down as they move backwards just before the foot gets off the ground. Make sure that your curve is all linear from the moment the foot is hitting the ground and gets off of it.
Look at the thigh at frame 4 til 8. It moves forward, but then stops from 8 to 9 til 12, but the lower leg moves forward pretty quickly. Then from 12 til 20 the foot plant is really slow. That timing and spacing needs more work, you'll need to adjust the steps and the amount of swinging the legs are doing. Playing at normal speed the leg takes a fast step forward, then slows down, puts the foot down. That pause is too long.

The other thing: I'm glad you are adding color, but I'm a bit confused as to what he is supposed to be. It's not just color, but character that I'm looking for. Could be a training outfit? Is he a runner, sprinter, athlete? His character needs to be more defined.

Good start though, keep going!


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