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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Critique - Ball w/Teeth (Joey)

Direct Link: Joey's Ball w/Teeth

The following are fixed.
Now ! the box has a symmetrical eye shape.
Now !! it has a nice curve when it bends.
Now !!! it has a mouth with big teeth. ( I am working on its tongue.)
Around frame 26 !!!!, the tail has been fixed.
How do you think the way the mouth shows up on the top of the box?
Actually, I am not for sure, it looks good or not. I am thinking about
giving a little bit more overlap and follow through of the tail after
finishing animation of the mouth and tongue.

Hahaha, awesome! I love the teeth!

Well, you can have them come out like you have it now, slow and creepy,
or they can spring out, almost like a trap that opens. I like the slow
creepy way, but experiment, try different things.

The fixes you made are good, it's all working, concentrate on the
tongue. Think about how the tongue will grab the ball. Around the ball?
Around the tail? Is it a sticky tongue? Is it a snake tongue? Does the
tongue have teeth at the end?


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