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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Critique - Bouncing Ball (Sheba)

Direct Link: Sheba's Balls


looking better!

A few things:

Big Ball:
watch the arc. From 10 to 11 it looks like it goes more towards the left than down, as if it hit a tiny bump. The fall could be accelerated. Take your dry erase and draw a line at the top of the ball. As it falls down you'll see that until it hits the floor, the ball moves in even steps (half a ball distance). It then takes the ball six frames to bounce up and hit the highest point, you could cut that in half and half the fall in 2 frames and then add a tiny 1 frame bounce (TINY).

Medium ball:

same here, watch the arc as it rolls down. With this ball you need to round out the arc more. Right now it rolls over the corner nicely, but after frame 12 it goes straight down.

See the sharp change in the red curve? That's what's going on right now. If you have it roll over the block, then the curve will be smoother. With that momentum the ball will move screen right once it hits the ground and bounces. (The heavy ball could do the same, towards the left, but the movement would be minimal, since the ball is so heavy).
The bounce of the middle ball need more hang time, it looks like the ball is being pulled down right after it hit the highest point. The spacing of the fall could also be broader, so that the spacing gets bigger and bigger. Can you do a screen capture of your y curve in the graph editor and send it?

Light ball:

the spacing of the fall is still too even, it would travel more and more as it falls. Same with the bounce up. The first couple frames the ball travels one ball height at a time, instead of a big movement up and then a gradually less (which you have at the end), same with the next fall. The last few bounces feel too fast. Your light ball and middle ball stop bouncing at almost the same time. A light ball would bounce longer, right now it starts to get too heavy towards the end.

It's getting better, but it still needs work. Your next assignment (once this one is down, but you can start on it already to keep things going) will be a medium ball entering screen left and bouncing screen right. It will bounce towards the edge of the movie clip and bounce off that "wall". Once that one is done, you'll add a tail to the ball (4 joints or so). The tail will be tricky because the overlap and follow through will need frame by frame work during certain parts. Check out the examples and critiques on our site, there are a few about the tail.


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