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Friday, March 16, 2007

Critique - Jump (YK)

Direct Link: YK's Jump, front and side

Looking good, good start!

The major thing you need to fix is the twinning (see Shawn's post earlier). Basically, when I say twinning, it's the mirroring of gestures, when certain things happen at the same time.

Your jump looks like you animated on side (left leg, left arm), then copied the keys over to the other set. You need to offset the limps more, to give it a less robotic feel to it.

It's good that you have full extension both at the jump and land, nice. You could extend the body more by stretching his chest and head. Not in a stretchy way, but as he anticipates the jump, curve him down and then really reverse the arc as he jumps up.

But before you do all that. Think about your jump. Right now, it's just a grey guy, jumping over nothing.

[Edit: I cut the rest of the critique and posted it as a separate post "Think outside the box".]

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