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Friday, March 16, 2007

Critique - Walkcycle (Chien)

Direct Link: Chien's Walk, side and front

Good, there is attitude in the walk.

The major things to fix are his legs and arms. The both feel poppy. The arms need to be on a nice curve, also his hands (mainly his left one) seems to rotate forward as it swings forward.

The chest could use some (tiny) more Y rotation, showing that the chest is influenced by the arm swings.

With an angry walk like that, when his feet stomp down, the hips would get affected a bit more, the would move up a bit faster, taking in the weight. In the front view, his screen right foot seems to slide towards the left. From the side view, the feet seem to accelerate backwards before he lifts them, make sure that your curve is all linear, there can't be any speed change.

Yeah, main thing are his arms and legs.


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