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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Critique - Walkcycle (Frank)

Direct Link: Frank's Walk, front and side

This is for hips and below only.

Ok, you are at an early point, so a few things. First, no grey character. Since you are early on in the walk, you can still add a look and character to the rig. I'm not trying to punish you guys, but you are making it that much harder on yourself by doing a default walk with a grey character. Be creative!

It's a bit hard to look at the side view when the character is moving from A to B. Either have it walk in place or parent a camera to the rig so that you get a steady side view.

Right now, what feels fast, are his legs as they take a step forward. After the foot roll and one frame after the foot gets off the ground you move the feet forward a lot, the spacing is a bit jumpy in there.

Front view: His root up and down is also a bit fast, you would need at least a variation in speed. The get up and fall down will be different in speed. The feet are pointing straight forward, the need some rotation, it looks too default. The feet are swinging out as they take a step, which is good, but you can add more complexity in the rotation. Due to the snappy movement of the feet, the knees pop, so you will have to smooth that out.
Don't forget the weight shifts in the hips. When one leg moves forward, the other hip carries all the weight of the body, so adjust the hips accordingly. And since the weight is only on one leg, you will have to move the root side to side in order to keep the balance.

Good start, but think about the character, don't have it be a default walk. Right now the walk seems fast. If that's your intention that build a story around that. An obvious thing would be that the character is in a hurry. But why? Explore those possibilities.

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