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Monday, March 12, 2007

Critique - Walkcycle (Jenna)

Direct Link: Jenna's Walk

Ok, so this is for legs and root only.

Before I start with the detail, I encourage you to really think about
who this character is. I understand that it's difficult to get the
mechanics done for a walk, walks are hard to do. But you can still learn
the mechanics while doing a walk with more character behind it. Who is
he/she? Where? Don't have it be a plain old Hogan.

Besides that, here's what I see:

In the front view, your feet are too straight forward, you can angle
them out. The hip movement could be a bit sharper when the foot is
planting and the weight goes over the leg, right now it's very even.
The biggest things to fix are the legs and the knee pops during the foot
plant. You will have to adjust the hips and root so that this moment
gets smoothed out. Also on frame 17 and 2, when the legs are in the back
position ready to take a step, your legs are straight and then bend
drastically, that pop needs to get smoothed out as well by adjust the
hips and the footroll as well as the root. Those sections are very hard
to do, so frame by frame work is needed.


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