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Monday, March 12, 2007

Critique - Walkcycle (Jungmin)

Direct Link: Jungmin's Walk

Nice, sweet looking character.

Tiny things:

Your backlegs are still a bit springy to me. His left leg on frame 3 to 4 moves back quite a bit, then from 4 to 5 not that much, same from frame 15 to 16. That makes the legs pop back.
And his wrists still rotate too much during the swing, especially on the move back.
In the front view his hips are going up 2 or 3 frames too early. You have them go up as the foot plants, but at that point there wouldn't be enough wait on the leg for the hip to go up already. So delay the whole thing by 2 frames or so. You can also make the up movement sharper, cut the amount of time the hips take to go up in half.

Other than that, I would say move on to the next assignment. Great job!

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