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Friday, March 16, 2007

Critique - Walkcycle (YK)

Direct Link: YK's Walk, front and side


good stuff!

Animation wise it's already very far along, nice work. Side view: you got some knee pops here and there, like from 13 to 14 on the backleg. The same leg has a short movement forward from 19 to 20 (the spacing before and after seems bigger, make sure that's smooth out).
When the foot gets off the ground, it stops very abruptly from 4 to 5 (same from 15 to 16). Look at how his heel goes up and then suddenly stops going up, that spacing needs more love.
In the front view the tip of his stick could be on a nice arc. From 7 to 14 is very linear, a nicer curve would be a nice touch. You can tweak that arc using his wrist rotation as well (right now it looks like that hand doesn't rotate at all).

Next up you need to be a bit more specific about your character. The walk has a nice attitude, he looks mean and has a stick in his hand. But why? Is this going to be a sword? Is it a soldier? Is it a teacher with a stick for his students (SLACKERS!)? Or a parent getting ready to spank his kids? Or a kid beating up his parents? :-)

Have fun with the character!

Looking good, keep going!

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