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Friday, March 16, 2007

Critique - Weight (Chien)

Direct Link: Chien's Weight


looking better! Mechanics are all pretty much there, now the fine tuning
part is next.

Your push:

once he pushes and moves his body forward, it stops at frame 18. That
stop is too sudden, you can smooth it out, slow down that stop.

You got a weird neck pop from 45 to 46.

The step from 122 to 127 is too fast, you can add 2 more frames to that.

The getting up til 161 is good, but his left arm swings back and the
suddenly forward. That forward move is too fast, plus it ends too
quickly, you could have the arm swing more.

Wiping the sweat of his head is good, it reads, but how he moves his arm
down is too fast. Also think about how that big arm movement will affect
the rest of his body. Nothing moves independently. So if his arm goes up
to his head, then the shoulder goes up, his chest will rotate, his
overall body might move. Same when the arm goes down again.

Look at the post on our class site about Animation Mentor. Look at the
student showcase, you'll see a box push assignment. It's more cartoony
than yours, but still, you'll see that the character has a lot of
personality and the animation is very polished. That needs to be your
motivation, you'll be competing with clips like that.

Keep going!

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