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Friday, March 16, 2007

Critique - Weight (Erik)

Direct Link: Erik's Weight

Hey Erik,

the overall animation right now looks a bit swimmy, too spliney, you will have to work on the timing a bit more. Same with the mechanics of the throw. That's the tricky part once you get out of blocking into polish.
After frame 106 or so, when he lowers the pyramid tip, it looks like his arms stretch out, from 120 on til 125 his chest is moving too independent from the rest of the body. The overlapping of the bod and the tip gets better after that, but you have to be careful about the arc. Once he swings the tip til 157 the arc is good, but with that momentum and swing the tip would swing almost out of frame to the left. Looking at the image below, the red line is what you have now, the green one is what it should be doing considering your throw strength. You'll have to rework that throw a bit so that the arc looks more plausible.

You also have the alien jump or get pulled by the tip after the throw. It's a good idea, but the physics of it need more work. Let's say he starts getting pulled at around 158, til 163 it seems ok, but then his arc is flattening. The alien just hovers over screen left til 166 and his legs bend, even though he didn't hit the ground. Then he goes down in a straight line til 169. That whole swing needs a consistent arc, it's too linear and breaking right now.
His upper body moves up really fast from 164 to 168, then suddenly stops and starts moving/rotating screen right.
The adjustment has a big pop in his body from 237 to 238, that needs some love as well.

Getting better, but it's getting down to frame by frame tweaking and fixing or some heavy duty graph editor tweakage :-)


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