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Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Animation Mentor Newsletter

I hope that all of you have signed up for the Animation Mentor Newsletter. If not, do it now!

First off, they got a Winter 2007 Showreel. If you want inspiration and a piece of humble pie, go check it out.

Next up, their Student Shortfilm section. Good example of course for putting your character within a story, but also to give you ideas as to how you can tweak your characters. The rigs are not the same, but they are not their standard rigs either. They are wearing things, they look different, they have character and are placed within a context, a story. The same should apply to your assignments, for a walkcycle, a jump, etc.

Then Shawn Kelly offers the usual goodness of tips and tricks. This time it's about twinning. Whenever I bug you about offsetting things (for you walk cycle people), it's about that. Some of you are starting to do a jump (nice start YK, critique will be up tonight), twinning will be an issue as you start out.

So sign up for the newsletter if you haven't already and enjoy the clips.


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