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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Animation Critique: Character Walk

Direct Link: Football Walk

Looks great! Nice render.

Quick things to fix:

- watch his left foot around frame 66, it pops up, smooth that out.
- around 75, when his screen right hand goes for his hips, the hand could have some tiny overlap, right now it's a bit stiff. Nothing huge, no dragging, just not as locked.
- after frame 100, when he looks screen left, lower his eyes so that you can see his pupils. Lower them so that you can see the lower part of them, like a bored look. Right now, it's just all white (sorry for not mentioning that before)
- around frame 140, when his hand grabs the ball, his thumb slowly wraps around it. Make that faster, you need to feel the grip
- hist last pose: the screen right hand and fingers need to be stronger. The fingers are very even right now, almost default pose, find something with more tension. Check out that Batman picture for reference.


Joey said...

Thanks JD!

Erik said...

This is really great! Good job joey.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Yeah, absolutely, nice work!