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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Animation Critique: Jump

Direct Link: Jump

Alright! The arc of the jump looks a lot better. When you track just his hips, the arc and timing looks good (the jump needs some easy out, he accelerates very quickly into the jump, soften that out).
Now you have to work on stronger poses and silhouette and get rid of the pops.

For instance right before he jumps his upper body goes down, that movement is very abrupt. The up movement is even faster, definitely smooth that out. After the land, when he turns around, his whole body rotates around, try to break it up with the head leading the action followed by the upper body and then the root.
His arms need to bend at his elbow, right now your arms are very stiff and they both move around at the same time (twinning), you need to break up the timing of the arms, offset them. They should also be stretched out forward during the jump up. You basically thrust your body up in order to jump, which means that you will swing your arms up before the lift off. Shoot some reference or find reference in which someone jumps like this, that way you can study what moves when.
His legs move forward a bit too early (right after the jump up). I would have them drag a bit longer behind the body and then have them move forward and lead the body.
Silhouette wise, when he waves at the end, push 7 in Maya in order to get the black & white mode up. Can you clearly see his arm and the hand waving action? No. You will need to move his arm more screen right in order to make it clearly visible.

The car slide needs work. Watch car footage for reference. Study the timing. Right now it looks like the car hits an invisible wall and then bounces/slides back. The ending wiggle of the car body is too fast and suddenly stops.

Visually overall, the ground texture is distracting and not very effective, same goes for the sky. Real life pictures with cg sets look cheap, so I would get rid of it and just color the background. His glittery pants are also a bit much (at least right now, maybe a render will look different).

You will also have to add a driver in the car and he/she will have to react to the car slide.

But most of all, what's the story? What happened to your cop car? Why is a cab chasing him? Who is the guy? A disco dancer? Think about what story you want to tell and how you can make the story points clear and not confuse the audience.

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