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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Animation Critique - Tongue test

Direct Link: Tongue Test

The path is good, but I think that overall the timing is too slow. I cut out some frames (which messed up the arcs) but in general, that's more what it should feel like, snappier, slow and fast parts (I cut too much stuff out during the ball grab, the grab should still have a slow part to it, namely when the tongue wraps around the ball - the tongue is pulling back, the ball is jumping forward, so this part needs to show the tension, the opposing forces at work - what you have right now is too slow, but the idea is correct, cut some frames out, but not as many as I did (quicktime has only one undo, right?)). Anyhoo, here's a rough idea:

Direct Link: New rough timing

I like the movement that you have in the monster at the end. It looks like he's swallowing the ball. It's a good idea to show the mass inside the monster.

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