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Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Animation Mentor Newsletter

I hope that by now everybody signed up for the AM newsletter (didn't I write that before?). If not, then... WHY NOT? It's free and you want to learn all you can about animation, right? If you haven't signed up by now, then you're not really serious about this whole being-an-animator thingie. Unless you know everything about it already. ... Yeah, right.


Featured in this month's newsletter:

Got the gig! Advice for Preparing for Your First Animation Job

Short Film: Chocogreed by Fernanda Veloso

Mentor: Mike Belzer - Disney Animator

Student: Valdimar Baldvinsson

Tips & Tricks with Shawn Kelly: Black Out Your Character


Now if I were you I would also go back to previous issues:


Use every resource that you can find!

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