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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spline Doctors Archive

I don't know if you guys went through the archives of the "Spline Doctors" blog, I hope you did. In case you haven't yet (shame on you), here's a grouped list of the posts:

Animation Tips & Tricks:
Thoughts on hand poses
Thinking about a shot
Broadcasting The Inevitable
I suck
Shot Surgery
Oh crap I posted
Shot polish
Water balloon head
Gestures part 1
Eyes have it
How to be good animator
To spline or not to spline podcast
Demo reel tips
Overlapp in style
One frame
Being directed part 1
5 sets of eyes
Residual energy
Physicality in animation
Eyes in animation
Michael Caine videos
Animation "Phrasing"
Body Language
If you don't know your character, you're screwed
Pose to pose with layers
Answers aren't in animation (study real life)
Animation roundtable
The power of silhouette
Great spline tutorials
Read "The Illusion of Life"

Animation Examples:
Great cast of characters
Student film
I say good show very good show
Jay clay in da house baby
More student work
Spring 06 work- Level 1
Spring 06work - Level 2
Spring 06 work- Level 3 (creampuff)
Gear change
Mark Oftedals short films from Cal Arts
Pixar 2 student work- fall 06
Virgin voyage

Reference Material:
Reference book of day
Tigers and shapes
Milt Kahl thumbnails and more here
Watching what's around you
Scared straight off balance
Great site for reference (bbc motion gallery)

Who are your influences?
Want to really learn something about animation?
Animation Schools
Schools (follow up)
Dean Wellins Interview
Make your own flip book
Exclusive Glen Keane interview
Matt Williames' blog
Story Boredom
Andrew Stanton splinecast part 1
Andrew Stanton part 2
Andrew Stanton part 3
Top nine movies of2005
Collaborator, prima donna and fanboy (job interview)
Ralph Eggleston Interview
Ralph Eggleston Questions answered
Animation in Spain
Cal arts producers show and update
Interview with Mark Oftedal
Another Stanton Interview
Brad Bird splinecast


Amrit Derhgawen said...

Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing... :)


shiva said...

great...especially the pixar2 works...

I'm always in a puzzled state when i see stuff where a character does some hand and arm gestures, and then leans on a table.

do they use ik or fk. or do they keep switching between the two?

Amrit Derhgawen said...

Shiva: I'm a FK lover, so I normally use FK hands. That way, I get some arcs for free!
Yeah, when you're resting the hand on a table you may wanna switch to IK, so that you could play with the rest of the body without worrying too much about the hands. However, you may tend to make the hands look dead! So be careful when you're using IK! IK and FK, both of them have their advantages and disadvantages...I've seen a lot of guys who use IK hands and their work is stellar! :)


Jean-Denis Haas said...

Usually when you have your hand pushing something, or resting on an object, pushing against a wall, basically a situation in which the hand needs to be static while the body is moving a lot, then you'd use IK.

At work we use all IK, for shoulders, ankles, chest, arms, etc. while still being able to rotate (head, hands, chest, etc.). It's a great setup, because when you need to tweak you body a little bit, it won't screw up your arms (if you are in FK it will).

shiva said...

thanks guys....