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Monday, August 27, 2007

Full House

So I got my new faculty ID and checked in at the 180 just to see if there are any class updates. You'll see the day, time and room number at the top of the page.

To my surprise the school added one more student to the class.

Now, it's nothing personal and I am really excited that so many people want to be in my class. I'm just afraid that time will be very tight. We are now 20 students in a room with 10 PCs. I will have to figure things out so that I can really spend enough time with each of you guys (and girls of course).

If you want a head start, you can already start working on the bouncing ball assignment (which EVERY student will have to do). Here the description from a previous post (or rant):

What is required is an understanding of the basic mechanics. Your first assignment will be a bouncing ball. EVERYBODY will have do this. The only exception are students who can show me their balls (zing!) during the first class. I need to see a heavy, medium and light ball. No character, just pure physics. If you can't sell the weight of a simple ball, I most certainly won't let you do a two character dialogue shot. If you want to really convince me, then have the balls fall from left to right (or right to left, or bouncing of walls, objects, etc. anything that's beyond the simple up and down the Y axis) and add a tail to them. So if you have a squishy rubber ball with a tail, you'll be able to show me believable weight, squash & stretch and overlapping actions with the tail. If that is the case, you can move on, if not, keep practicing until you get it (I'll obviously help you with it).

If you know other students who will be in this class, please tell them about this site and this assignment, spread the word. :)

Thanks guys and girls and see you next week!!



shiva said...
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shiva said...

here's my latest bouncing balls animation.
Click Here

shiva said...

if you think my bouncing balls animation is ok... i'll get some audio clips with me for the first week's class for a one person dialogue animation.

i'll also continue to work on the bouncing balls until i get it right.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Looking good! You're ready to move on, there are only minor tweaks. Will write critique in a separate post. If you're quick, I would really appreciate a render with a frame counter in it.


shiva said...

ok....here's the one with frame numbers
Click Here

Jean-Denis Haas said...

sweet, thanks!