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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Critique - Run Cycle

The run is a bit too fast. The steps pop. It's also a bit out of character since he is a big and heavy guy. The run would be a bit more labored. Unless you're going for super cartoony. But I would stay within character, make it a lot slower and laboured.
Two technical things, don't have the feet go through the floor (as they are about to get off the ground) and the moment you set a foot down, it has to be locked. It will slide backwards in a linear timing, but from the front the feet should not move to the left or right. It's only your screen left foot, keep it like the right one.

Any idea what he's running from or after? Would be fun to integrate more of a reason into the cycle.
Don't forget though to present cycles in one movie the way it is on the website.


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