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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Critique - Walkcycle

Alright, first off, don't put any controllers in the movies, it's distracting and doesn't help the critique at all. :) Keep it clean.

So, looking at the waste down only, let's start with the legs.

Side view, her left leg, track the tip of the toe and look at the spacing from x13 to x14, the spacing is a lot bigger at this point, before that it seems ok, so keep the curve linear til x15. Same goes with the other foot from x1 to x2, but it's not as big on this one. Otherwise it looks good from the side.
Front view, screen right leg. There is a wobble in the foot's rotation. Look at x10, then up to x13, the foot rotates with the tip going in, straightening the foot, but from x13to x14 you rotate it back. The other foot is fine.
The translation from left to right on the screen right foot could also need some smoothing out. It goes to the left from x16 to 17, then to the right til x19, then immediately back left til x22, but then hits a wall and doesn't move any more. You need to smooth out all those hard direction changes.
Main body up and down. The way she goes up still reads like a pop. The body goes down til x4 in a nice smooth way, but then shoots up from x4 to x5, keeps going til x7, but then doesn't move from 7 to 8, which makes it too abrupt. Then you go a tiny bit down from x8 to 9, you stick again from 9 to 10 and then finally start the descent. Have the body go up til frame 9 instead of 7, then keep it going a little bit til 11, but make that continuation smooth.
Front view. There is something off with that hip going left right, looks like it's a tad too late. But first fix the up and down to get rid of that pop.

And can you scale down her hands? They're huuge. :)

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