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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Walkcycle - Moving the body forward

I was checking online for a normal walkcycle which had the body go forward during the cycle, just to make sure that I wasn't full of crap by telling you not to do so. I learned it this way, but maybe in the meantime the approach of a cycle changed. But I couldn't find anything either in tutorials nor in video reference.
The only time I moved the body was for a more exaggerated walk, or sneak, something more rhythmic.
So I did this cycle to check it out for myself anyway and remembered something essential. When you take your character and move him/her/it from A to B, any cheats in the foot area obviusly won't work, because you will see if they stick to the ground or not (my right foot was sliding...). If you want to be really sure that your walk will work, grab your ALL_Body controller (or whatever controller moves your WHOLE character) and set keys so that your characters walks from A to B without sliding.

Here the character is moving its body forward during the cycle. Notice how there is a hiccuppy feel to it because of that.

This time the body just goes up and down, which eliminates that pop in the walk.


shiva said...

hey JD,

checkout Guilherme Jacinto's walk cycle. He too has the forward and backward movement. I don't think that having it like that is a problem.

But I do think that the feet should be linear as long as they stay on ground. That too, only because it would be a problem to track the feet exactly for not having it slide on the ground.

I have to fix that on my cycles.

shiva said...

I think the key to getting away with the forward backward movement is to have the forward when going down and, having backward movement when going up.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Are you talking about the green character guy on his site?

If yes, then that's different, because the walk itself needs a pause. Same with a sneak or something with more character.

But when you are doing a normal walk you need one continues forward momentum. You can get away with a TINY bit.

The best way to do it would be to do your walk from A to B and not as a cycle. That way you can tell if it works, how much forward movement you can put into.