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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Animation Mentor: Advanced Work-flow - Two Medium Approach

Another article in the current AM Newsletter is "Advanced Work-flow: Using A Two-Medium Approach" by Kenny Roy. He says about this method:

Simply put, TMA is the practice of switching between hand drawn and CG animation, whenever one method offers a better way to overcome an animation obstacle.

It's interesting to see that this work-flow is being covered right now. A few days ago there was a post on the Spline Doctor's blog, which started as a 2D animation software recommendation. They mention that students should learn 2D animation before tackling the 3D version of it. The comments to the post mention an AM work-flow involving 2D and 3D animation. So go through those comments and you'll end up with tons of useful links about 2D software.

But back to the main topic. The work-flow is not for everyone, since basic drawing skills are a minimum. It's all about saving time and getting to your animation as quickly as you can, so bypassing a complex rig and drawing your poses can be great. But if you can't draw at all, you might take the same amount of time. Just go through the Pros and Cons he lists and you'll see if this method is for you.
There are also clips that illustrate the method. It's definitely an interesting approach and you should at least try it. Greasepencil by Jason Schleifer is also very cool, a script that let's you draw inside Maya.

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