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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Critique - Bowling

looks a lot better, nice job!

Few things: you need to show the switch from being shy to kinda getting
used to the ball to liking it. Right now you have him pick up the ball
then go into the throw without hesitation. I would add a pause at around
x214, so that after he swings it up, he feels the ball, looks at it a
bit, then his demeanor changes and you can see that he starts to like
it. Have him then look at the pins (or whatever you call them) and show
that he's ready to do it.
Then you can go into the swing you have (the end of the swing could be a
bit more extravagant, look at reference for over the top players).
There also needs to be clearer acting during the anticipation of the
result and how happy he gets, to showing off to getting back to being
shy. It's all in there, but it happens without any distinct beats. It's
just one after the other. So as you get into more refined animation,
really flesh out the timing of all those actions.

Nice progression though, keep going!


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