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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Critique - Walkcycle

I like the look of the character! :)

First thing that stands out animation wise is the even up and down of his body. Try to find a more natural rhythm. The body is going to be in the up position for a bit longer, which will make the "fall" a bit faster. The down part can also be held a tiny bit longer, since it will take him a bit to get up (sounds very labored but I'm talking about only a few frames).

With that body Y translation fixed you'll have to work on your legs again, which is fine because right now they are popping into a straight position at x10 and x26 and make the heel go up, which gives it a weird bounce up. The feet also slow down as they are about the lift off the ground. The speed needs to be the same until the foot gets off the ground. Grab your overall body controller and move the guy forward as if he was walking from A to B. You'll see that the feet are not sticking to the ground, they are sliding.
If you look at x1 how the heel of the foot touched the ground, it takes 4 frames to get it completely flat on the ground, which is a bit slow. It makes the steps feel very soft.
Front view: when you make the foot plant faster, keep the timing of the hips (right now they go up a bit too early, but with an earlier plant it will look correct). But keep the right side up longer. At x14 they are almost leveled out, which should happen as the foot gets to frame x16 and 17.

There is something odd about the arms, how they get closer to the body on the forward swing and then go out on the swing back (front view/left arm: the curve gets to a halt on x18 the goes forward in a straight line).
But what will change all that is the upper body. It's swinging a lot (front view) from left to right. You should keep the upper body straight in terms of left/right movement as it curves into the c shape. Same goes with the head which moves along with upper body. Check the image on this post if it is not clear:

academyanimation.blogspot.com walkcycle

Sideview: the head could be a bit loser on the up and down, dragging a bit as it follows the upper body rotation.

And the fingers feel a bit spread out, keep them a bit closer together and rotate the pinky and ring finger a bit inwards, for a more natural pose, right now they seem a bit flat. Angus from the Spline Doctors sketched out great hand poses with dos and donts.

thoughts on hand poses


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