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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Critique - Walkcycle


The upper body still shoots up quickly and then stops the Y translation from x7 to x11 or so. Make that transition a bit smoother.
With that body popping up during the steps and how she slams down her feet she feels very stompy. Is that what you're going for?
With the left/right swinging that's going on, it would cool to see more fluid movement in the upperbody from the sideview. Not much, just a little bit.

The backleg on x13 pops to x14. The other leg looks better during that moment of taking the foot off the ground.
Frontview: you still have the pops in the legs, make sure that you trace the arcs. Left leg, stays put (speaking of left/right arc), then from x3 to x4 it pops to the right, then from 4 to 5 it pops to the left. It does a nice curve during the step til x10, but hits a wall and stays put til it x14. Same thing happens to the other leg.

Frontview: right arm, swing is good til x18, then as it goes backwards there is no more left/right swing, it's all straight, try to keep the arc going. Same with the screen left arm at x4, it swings to the right then hits a wall. It swings back with a tiny arc, but make that transition at x4 smoother. There's a pop in the arc going from x24 to x1. The arm goes forward, then suddenly to the left then to the right, that needs more love.

Sideview: Your shoulders seem a bit delayed. They should go with the arm, with a 2 frame delay or so. The arm is leading the shoulder, true, but right now the shoulder is really late.

The overlap on the head needs more love as well. The timing is a bit off. As the body goes down, the head stays up and when the body goes up the head goes down, dragging. Keep the amount that you have, just work on when it happens.

Keep going!

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