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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Critique - Walkcycle

Looking good, there are only tiny things I would add/fix. First, when he lifts up his suitcase (for the swing forward), I would add more tension to his fingers, show that he is tightening the grip.
I would also show the tension in his face, doesn't have to be a giant expression, but something going on would be cool.
All this time I thought it might just be me but looking at it again today, I would make his ears smaller. :)
They look like headphones from the front.
There is an extension of his right leg (sideview) as the leg goes back (going to frame 31), then from x31 to x32 his leg bends and it looks like the knee doesn't back anymore until x34/35. When you play that in normal speed it looks a bit poppy. Try to make that bend smoother.
In the front view, can you make the piece of paper flutter (the one that sticks out). Just a little wiggle around x20+ and and bend a tiny bit during the up/swing forward), that would be sweet. :)

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