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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Critique - Walks


His legs are overstretching, it also feels like both feet are off the ground at the same time. Right now it looks like he's making little jumps between the steps. Is that intentional?
The upper body, the arms, the bag, all that is a bit slow, it feels very swimmy.
His head feels like an ostrich somehow. :) The timing is weird when you have his head go back and up after the step (as opposed to down and forward because of the weight and momentum).

These are the main points, I would also need a front and side view.

Bruce Lee:

3 views, nice! :)

His feet are poppy when they get off the ground, they really snap back, so tone that down (also visible in the front view how the knees pop out).
There seems to be a pop during the loop (sideview: his left arm pops during the loop).
His upper body is too late rotation wise compared to his arms. He swings his arms forward and a few frames later his chest follows, so scootch the timing forward.
His nose up down head movement could also be delayed by a few frames, it feels like it's going down as the step goes forward, not as a result of the step hitting the ground.
Work a bit more on his expression, it's a bit symmetrical, give it a bit more character besides that mean look.

Other than that it's pretty sweet!


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