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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Flooby Nooby

Holy moly, what a great post by Jeff on his class blog (which you guys should check on a regular basis). It's a link to "Flooby Nooby", which has the following notes:

The full dossier of Eric Goldberg's notes.
250 pages of sketches and writings about
posing, timing, and animation techniques:

Bill Peet's notes on contrast,
persepctive, line density, rhythym,
and composition for any illustrator
and story sketch artist:

Brad Bird's notes on compostion - Part 1:

Brad Bird's notes on compostion - Part 2:

Chris Roman's notes on storyboarding:

The art of thumbnailing for
story artists and key animators:

A newly compiled version of
Walt Stacnfield's Gesture Drawing for Animation:

Effects Design - Full list of notes and
techniques for classical FX animation:

Holy cow, the printer is going to explode! Great find Jeff!!


Brett Davis said...

that is good stuff.

Andurew said...

I just started reading through the Eric Goldberg notes. They are really great at breaking down ideas clearly and concise.