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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Free Siggraph Movies until Oct. 31st

"Get full access to over 1100 video presentations from SIGGRAPH 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007!"

The "Sketching Facial Expressions" is an interesting concept. I would love to see a version in the future which would a Jason Schleifer type Greasepencil input within the 3D app, which will allow the user the draw out poses in 2D that affect and pose out the 3D model, or where you look through the render cam and draw poses on top of the cg character and it adjusts the poses accordingly. I would assume that it gets very tricky and distorted because of the 3rd dimension, but it would be cool nonetheless.

Other good clips from the 2007 presentation could be "Resumes and Demo Reels: If yours don't work, neither do you!", "Anyone can make quality animated films!". I'm going to watch a few of these. There's also "Crossing the line: Moving from Film to Game", tons of simulation stuff, character animation, scary sounding stuff like "Data-driven Efficient Production of Cartoon Character Animation", etc. etc.

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