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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Critique - Bomb


you nailed it! Great! You added all the elements that we talked about. I like the pause that you have after he cuts the wire and how he's happy. I remembered a version where the little hands come right after the cutting, but this works much better. Those little guys really spoil the party.

Like you said, the first part just needs more fleshed out acting in terms of struggling and thinking, but that's all. Show all of this in his face and little hesitation movement in his hands, but don't change anything major in the animation.

About the little hands. Might just be me but I would have them come out like you have it now, THEN do the little turn around (I would actually have them quickly clamp their little fingers twice), THEN go down to the wire and fix it. Let's see what the class thinks about it tonight.

Did you decide on an ending?

I still would have the lamp go on again with very quick blinking and him jumping out of screen, then the bomb explodes with everything in frame turning black and after a flash and that's how you could end your reel, with credits fading into the black screen.

But you're done soon though. I think we found all the major parts (except ending, kinda), so now it's polish time. It's a great clip, don't give up! :)



jeffff leee said...

love it~! good stuff!

Joey said...

I like this clip~!
I can't wait to see the final~!